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 handong Wanli Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Laiwu Economic Development Zone, which combines PVC, PE pipe fittings, microtubule, sprinkler irrigation and other water-saving irrigation development, production service, design and installation as one. The company mainly produces 6 types of PVC pipes, PE pipes, drip irrigation belts (pipes), fertilizer filters and emitters, and more than 20 series of water-saving irrigation products. Among them, the PVC production line is 8, and the PE drip irrigation pipe belt production line is 12, which can produce 3000 tons of PVC pipe.

As a leading enterprise in the water-saving field of the region, the company can produce more than 1 units per year and provide more than 100 mu of production capacity of sprinkler irrigation equipment. The product equipment has the characteristics of light weight, water resistance, quick disassembly and assembly, small water loss, and suitable for different terrain irrigation. It is mainly used for irrigation and cooling of grain, vegetable, orchard, forest farm, nursery, lawn, flower and cash crop. At the same time, the company sincerely service for the vast number of users, to undertake the design and construction of field crops, fruit trees, flowers, nursery, lawn and shed, greenhouse irrigation, micro irrigation, drip irrigation and pipe irrigation, and provide supporting equipment and services and on-site installation. Our products have been sold to all parts of the country. Here, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to leaders and customers who support and care about our company's development and use of our products.

Shandong Wanli Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the management concept of "customer first, enterprising", adheres to the principle of "customer opinion", and provides intimate service to customers. "New science and technology, quality based, continuous development, good faith service" is our belief, we look forward to working with you sincerely to create the future of water saving irrigation in China. Welcome customer patronage, visit guidance work.

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