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Introduction to the advantages and equipment installation of drip irrigation in vineyards


    Drip irrigation is a rapid development of water saving and efficient irrigation technology. Drip irrigation is a way to drip water to the root zone of crops slowly. In the past, drip irrigation was mostly done with microtube emitter, and one end of the emitter was fixed on the branch pipe of the water conveyance pipe, and one end was placed near the root zone of the crop. Due to the fine drop head of this microtubule, it is very easy to block, especially in the north of China, the water quality is hard, it contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, and it is more likely to be blocked. In addition, the homogeneity of the dropper is poor.


    The main advantages of the use of drip irrigation in the vineyard are:


       (1) save water and save energy. Drip irrigation saves more water than 30%--40% on the surface furrow irrigation, thereby saving energy consumption such as oil and electricity.


     (2) damage to the soil structure is significantly reduced. Drip irrigation is a drip infiltration method to supply water to the soil without causing damage to the soil structure.

(3) reducing the transmission and reinfection opportunities of some diseases transmitted by irrigation water, especially GC.


    (4) irrigation provincial labor and laborsaving drip irrigation is a semi automatic mechanical irrigation mode, the installation of good drip irrigation equipment, as long as the valve is opened and adjusted to the appropriate pressure, it can be irrigated by itself.

    Installation of drip irrigation equipment


    1. the composition of drip irrigation system consists of three parts: water supply device, water delivery pipe (dry branch pipe) and dripping soft belt.


1) the water conveyance pipeline is the channel leading the water supply device to the vineyard drip irrigation area. Generally, it is two stages, that is, the dry pipe and the branch pipe. The drip irrigation pipe is directly mounted on the branch pipe. Drip irrigation pipes are generally provided by professional manufacturers of high pressure polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride pipe, the diameter of the pipe has 25 to 100 millimeters of different specifications. The water mains outside the greenhouse should be buried in the soil 0.8 to l meters (northeast) or 0.5 to 0.6 meters deep (below the permafrost). The dry and branch pipes with different inner diameters are connected by two links, three links, four links, and by-pass connections. The inner diameter of the water pipe to the outlet pipe of the vineyard can be selected for 37.5 - 50 millimeter plastic tubes.


    (2) polyvinyl plastic film dropper is widely used in dripping water. The thickness is generally 0.8 to 1.2 mm, and the folding diameter is 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 millimeter and so on. The tube wall is black to prevent the green moss from being trapped in the pipe and to block the pipeline. On the left and right sides of the dropper hose, there is a row of 0.5 to 0.7 mm diameter drip holes, 25 holes per side and two holes on each side.


  Use of drip irrigation device in vineyard and matters of attention


      1. water pressure adjustment to adjust the water pressure to 0.03 to 0.05 MPa, too high pressure is likely to cause rupture of hose. When there is no pressure gauge, it can be judged from the performance of the oil-water hose. If the hose is near circular and the water is not loud, it can be considered that the pressure is suitable.


   2. the amount of water supplied to regulate and control irrigation should be determined according to the different growth periods and weather conditions of grapes. In general, every 666.7 square meters of irrigation is about 10 cubic meters per square meter, with the principle that the flowering period is less, the growth period and the growth period of the young fruit are much more, and the irrigation should be more when the high temperature and drought.


      When 3. drip irrigation techniques use the drip irrigation system, a special fertilization device can be purchased, and it can also be made by yourself. With 1 waste oil barrels, it is placed in a place above 1 meters above the ground. The lower outlet pipe is connected with the branch pipe of the hose tube, and the upper water pipe is continuously added with water pipe to keep the pressure and dissolve well. The fertilizer is added continuously according to the prescribed concentration, and the fertilizer solution is dripped into the rhizosphere soil with the dripping water to complete the fertilization.


      Notices of drip irrigation

1. prevent dripping plugging. The filter device in drip irrigation system is indispensable and must be cleaned regularly. When topdressing, it must be dissolved fully, no precipitation, and remove impurities.


       2. the pressure should be moderate to avoid the rupture of the soft belt.


     3. when the drip irrigation is used, the organic manure and compound fertilizer should be applied to the soil when the soil is fertilized so as to avoid the problem of removing fertilizer and the maladjustment of the proportion of nutrients when the fertilizer can only be chased by drip irrigation.


       4. to cover the film with drip irrigation. Excessive moisture in vineyard is unfavorable to grape growth. Therefore, plastic film should be covered as far as possible. This is especially important for some cultivars susceptible to cracking and susceptible varieties.


     5. keep good care of soft belt and plastic pipe. When it is not used in summer, the pipe and soft belt, which is arranged in the ground part, should be collected and stored in a place of light and low temperature. It should be used to check if there are broken leaks or clogged places when used, and then set up again after maintenance. In winter, the prevention of cold and protection should be emphasized before the soil is frozen.

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