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Integration of water and fertilizer

Basic parameters
(1) single path 250L/H for three channel fertilization channel
(2) 1KW stainless steel fertilizer pump pressure is 7 kg, the maximum 9 kg.
(3) the flow rate of fertilizer inputting on the 3 way is 1.2 square
(4) control of the solenoid valve in the 4 road area
(5) the time mixing function of the three way
(6) 7 Inch Touch Screen Control
(7) manual adjustment of fertilizer intake
(8) expansion of irrigation and Fertilization Technology
(9) the first control function of water source
(10) take a 485 interface
(11) irrigation mode: zoning cycle and timing quantitative control, adjusting irrigation time automatically according to different periods. Control software can be written according to user requirements

basic function
1. the total amount of fertilizer and the amount of instant fertilizer can be monitored in real time
2. The amount of instantaneous fertilizer injection is adjustable (manual regulation)
3, real-time monitoring of voltage 4, real-time monitoring and alarm functions of various faults.

Protection function
1. injection pump, stirring motor overload protection.
2 filling pump plugging protection.
3. filter plugging protection.
4. low flow protection function (for low flow regulation)
5. One-way isolation of irrigation water and fertilizer injection system
6. extensible low level protection function

Extension function (selection)
1, EC, PH (sensor) fertilizer concentration detection of water pH measurement
2, mobile phone APP (including one year service fee +.APP signal conversion)
3. The automatic mixing drum contains a stirred motor
4, meteorological station, soil moisture
5. The automatic partition can reach 256
6. Remote constant pressure water supply control

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