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Micro spray belt (hole)

        The micro spray belt, also known as porous tube, water jet belt, sprinkler belt and micro spray burette, is a water-saving irrigation equipment used on a flat plastic hose by mechanical or laser direct processing of book holes and drip or micro sprinkler irrigation. The micro spray belt of 3 water holes, 5 outlet holes or more holes in each group is laid directly on the ground, and the water flowing directly in the air can form the micro sprinkler effect similar to the fine rain. The sprinkler holes of each individual outlet or double outlet holes are laid under the plastic film, and the drip irrigation effect can be formed under the shelter of the plastic film. There are three major categories and dozens of micro sprayed belts, which can meet the requirements of various dry farming and install customized products.

        Uses: vegetables, mushrooms, nursery, orchard, flowers, greenhouse cultivation crops.





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