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Wanli - An Introduction to intelligent water and fertilizer machine

Wok's intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine has its own intellectual property rights, has obtained the national patent and software copyright, and has passed the testing of the national professional testing organization. In 2017, they were identified by key new products in Jiangxi and high-tech enterprises in Jiangxi. Intelligent water and fertilizer all-in-one series of products has become a well-known brand of water and fertilizer industry.

Wanli agriculture is devoted to the transformation of agricultural production management from traditional mode to modernized, standardized and intelligent agriculture; it focuses on the research and development of intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine, agricultural intelligent Internet of things control system, and the development and production of agricultural automation control irrigation and fertilization technology.

Wanli agriculture adhere to independent research and development, through the perfect combination of intelligent agricultural irrigation equipment and Intelligent Agricultural Internet of things technology, to provide users with the industry's leading "intelligent agricultural park" overall solution. The solution can be widely used in large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises at home and abroad, scientific research institutions, agricultural demonstration parks at all levels and agricultural science and technology parks to help the national agricultural modernization process.

Wo Zheng Bang intelligent water and fertilizer machine equipment bright spot:

A machine, control the overall situation - all system installation and operation parts integrated packaging, including filter, built-in fertilizer / drug tank, irrigation pump, fertilizer dispenser (liquid fertilizer, fully dissolved fertilizer or particle fertilizer proportionally fertilizer), dispensing machine, EC/PH monitoring, small meteorological station, the Internet of things and so on, compact structure, high integration It is convenient to use.

The precision control of the concentration ratio - the one key of the mixture of fertilizer and liquid is set, and the operation is flexible and simple. Through the PID self setting technology, the supply of nutrients is accurate, stable and uniform.

Third, have independent intellectual property rights and independent brands - independent research and development control motherboard, growers should choose their functions according to their needs.

In order to meet the needs of the integrated water and fertilizer users, wo Zheng Bang intelligent water and fertilizer machine provides customized water and fertilizer integration services and a smart agricultural platform for customers according to the different use area and functional requirements.

It is only necessary to realize the functions of filtering, fertilizer storage, storing medicine, irrigation, fertilization and remote control, and simplifying the procedures of search, purchase and installation for the growers.

All control systems and operating components are integrated, including filters, built-in fertilizer / drug tanks, irrigation pumps, fertilizer dispensers, dispensing machines, EC/PH monitoring, small weather stations, built in barrels and barrels, and Internet of things, with compact structure, high integration and use. It is.

The intelligent irrigation and water fertilizer integration system is a irrigation system and fertilization system developed by Wanli agriculture independently. Combining the irrigation and fertilization equipment with the irrigation and fertilization system, through the analysis of the data of each sensor, scientific and rational arrangement of the irrigation and fertilization plan, combined with the most advanced irrigation control system, to achieve the purpose of accurate control of the quantity of irrigation, the amount of fertilizer and the time of the application of water and fertilizer, and to realize the remote automation control of the electric brain end and the mobile phone end.

Centralized control, remote operation sensor, cloud platform and intelligent state intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine can be integrated into one machine. The staff can control all the equipment through the field control intelligent water fertilizer machine. Through the cloud platform, the staff can control the irrigation equipment remotely on the mobile phone or the computer.

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